Symbol,_Johannes_Jansson Has inclusiveness in the workplace increased resistance?

In this exclusive with Phillipa Muir of Simpson Grierson, we learn about issues around workplace bullying and discrimination in New Zealand, and also how the culture shift towards ensuring inclusiveness in the workplace, particularly for the LGBTI community, has been very positive, yet is often met with some resistance.

mining-168267_960_720 Was the dismissal of Mr Goodall unfair?

The FWC has ordered the reinstatement of an employee dismissed for inappropriate and unsafe workplace behaviour, despite the employer having a valid reason for the dismissal and following a fair procedure. Allens' Law Graduate David Hunt and Partner Simon Dewberry report.

Fondos_archivo Lessons for employers regarding “acceptable employment”

Swaab Attorneys go through the matter of Sodexo Australia Pty Ltd T/A Sodexo (C2015/8064) to discuss what "acceptable employment" is, it "will need to be considered in the context of the impact of the proposed arrangements with the new employer on transitioning employees' rights".

unity_amidst_diversity_by_eddypua Who are your workplace diversity champions, do you have one yet?

Experienced Diversity & Inclusion consultant Diane Utatao provides us with excellent advise on how to develop, implement and support D&I initiatives in this exclusive interview. She cites "deciding what you want to achieve with your strategy, making the difficult choices and overcoming resistance & culture change" as the three biggest roadblocks to workplace D&I alignment with business.

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